7 big shows at tiny venues

Published: Fri, Dec 22 2017
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7 big shows at tiny venues

FRINGE WORLD Festival has a habit of attracting smaller, condensed acts in intimate spaces and this year is no different!

The Showman’s Fair in particular has a range of micro shows at minimal prices – don't need to book, just pick up Showman’s Fair coins as you walk in.


Mr Donny V and Frankie Sin from Grit & Glitter.

Grit & Glitter presents: The Magnificent 20 (Minutes) an Abridged Western Romp - Cafe IK at The Showman's Fair

Mr. Donny V. and Frankie Sin bring you a fast shootin', rootin, tootin' good time in this 20(ish) minute vignette of western and sideshow thrills in a little venue at the brightly coloured Café IK The Showman’s Fair.

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Séance - Palace Society

Take a seat, but don't get comfortable. 
Séance is a performance in complete darkness set in a 40 ft shipping container. Intimate and intense, combining the concept of a traditional séance with cutting edge sound technology and sensory deprivation.

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Cabaret of Curiosities - The Showman's Fair

Enter the strangest cabaret known. Witness things you cannot explain, see things that should not exist but are right there before you. What has been seen cannot be unseen. Your dreams and reality may never be the same again. Learn about wonders as the Hand of Glory, see the giant bloodworm and the innocuous-sounding, but terrible Water Bear.

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Touch of God.

Touch of God - The Showman's Fair

Even though the Touch of God will only last a minute, you will never forget it. After a moment of serenity and contemplation, he rises from the darkness. The Touch of God. And before you know it you're back on the path of light. Who knew you could get so much in the Tiny Pad of God at Showman’s Fair.

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Escape Room - The Pleasure Garden

Escape Room Treasure Hunt returns for its 2nd year, with a brand new room at The Pleasure Garden. You and your team work in a 1931 prohibition era speakeasy - but the cops will be raiding it! You have 45 minutes to hide all the booze, or face arrest! Gather in a group of up to 8 people to solve the puzzles, clues and ciphers you'll need to open secret hidey-holes, panels, and boxes to secure all the illicit booze before the Feds show up.

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Theatre Animal. 

Theatre Animal - The Showman's Fair

The Actor, is a performer of great variety. Coming from the circus where he became cocksure. He domesticated himself and fled to a more diverse cultural spectrum. They called him the Theatre Animal. After a serious meltdown he is ready for down under at The Showman’s Fair.

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19 Weeks. 

19 Weeks - COMO Pool at COMO The Treasury

In 2016, playwright Emily Steel had a termination after her baby was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. This is her story. It's sad and funny, familiar and surprising, not self-righteous or guilt-ridden but complex and truthful. Come sit by the pool, put your feet in the water, and listen.

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Feature image by Jarrad Seng.